USA customers: Passenger flights to USA have been stopped. Airmail gets put in the cargo hold of passenger planes. Hence Airmail to the USA has basically stopped too. Couriers are trying to find altnerative routes. In the mean time please use the FedEx option (FedEx use their own planes and are operating normally).

Metal Titan Powerball - £119.98

The Titan is the top of the range latest generation of powerball gyroscopes, this remarkable gyroscope offers the serious Powerball enthusiast a spin experience like absolutely no other. More information about the Metal Titan Powerball

280hz AutoStart Pro Powerball Gyroscope - £39.98

This gyroscope uses no batteries but can get up to speeds of 18,000rpm+ using nothing more than a rotary hand motion. It can be used as a wrist/arm exerciser and because of the massive amount of torque it develops, it will make a brilliant school/college demonstration. Comes with a built-in rpm counter. More information about the 280hz AutoStart Pro Powerball Gyroscope