Vulcan Stove Fan (Stirling Engine Powered) - £125.00

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This Stirling engine powered fan is powered solely by the heat from a stove. It requires no external power source such as batteries or AC power. The fan circulates the stove’s warmth quietly, efficiently and inexpensively. More information about the Vulcan Stove Fan (Stirling Engine Powered)

Vulcan Stove Thermometer

Stove/stovepipe thermometer - £8.99

This thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of your stove or stovepipe. Too low a temperature and creosote deposits will build up. Too high and your stove will have a poor efficiency. More information about the Stove/stovepipe thermometer

Hobbit cast iron stove 4kw

Hobbit SE cast iron stove 4kw - £399.00

Designed by Engineers and handmade by craftsmen, this little cast iron multi fuel stove is at the pinnacle of stove design. Compact proportions make it the ideal choice for a canal boat. More information about the Hobbit SE cast iron stove 4kw