Steam Engine Kit - £34.99

This is a really nice and simple steam engine kit. Idea for older children. The kit is not too taxing and is actually really fun to see running. More information about the Steam Engine Kit

Blow Top - An air powered spinning top - £3.49

Well this spinning top is a little different in two ways. You can start it by blowing on it and it is also attracted to magnets! A simple fun and inexpensive toy. More information about the Blow Top - An air powered spinning top

Music Box - £17.99

Music boxes are a classic toy. This one is a little different because you can create your own music. It comes with paper and a punch. You punch out the notes you want to play. Feed the paper into the music box and use the hand crank to play the music. More information about the Music Box

Fidget Spinner Mirror Ball - £14.99

This is a very ornamental desktop fidget spinner. The shape and almost mirror like finish really give it a tremendous lustre. It has bearings and a hidden base under it. It is made from solid Aluminium giving it substantive feel and inertia. More information about the Fidget Spinner Mirror Ball

Tesla Turbine - MK4 - £600.00

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Coming soon. Production of the Mk4 is well under way. Feedback from customers is that you wanted a larger turbine with higher efficiency and can produce more power. Have a look at videos on the product page to see the progress. More information about the Tesla Turbine - MK4

Fire Plunger - £22.99

This Fire Plunger is used to demonstrate Gas Law and Diesel Engine Principle. More information about the Fire Plunger

Magnetically Floating Spinning Top - £25.00

This Magnetically Floating Spinning Top uses the principles of gyroscopic physics and maglev technology. The end result is an amazing educational toy that floats in mid-air. More information about the Magnetically Floating Spinning Top

Wooden musical boxes - £10.99

Music boxes are a classic toy. This have music from The Beatles, Pink Panther, Game of Thrones, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, The Godfather and Pirates of the Caribbean. More information about the Wooden musical boxes

Skeleton Knife - £7.99

The unusual skeletonized design of this folding knife not only adds style, but enables the pocket knife to be opened with a smooth one-handed motion, making it an easy and secure tool to use. More information about the Skeleton Knife

Spork - Its a Spoon and a Knife! - £9.98

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The True Utility Sporknife EDC is an all in one eating tool, SporKnife, folds and locks into position to form a fork, spoon and knife for use when camping, eating your daily lunch at work, at home, or when travelling. With a handy release clip, attach the SporKnife to you belt or keyring. The compact design makes the true utility sporknife a perfect space saver for any crammed backpack. More information about the Spork - Its a Spoon and a Knife!