Gyroscope EXTREME

This Gyroscope Extreme is a well balanced toy for all ages. It has a sturdy plastic frame that is designed for tricks and stunts. It comes with pull cord, which makes it easier for younger children to start and allows adults to spin the gyroscope faster. Comes in black/red/white only.

Getting the gyroscope started
You have two choices to get the gyroscope spinning. You can either use the supplied plastic ‘rip cord’ or the supplied string. The plastic rip cord tends to be easier for small children so let’s start with that. Hold the gyroscope and push the rip cord into the part of the shaft that has the gear. You will see it feeds in. Push it in most of the way (the gyroscope will rotate slowly as it pushed in). Hold the handle of the rip cord in one hand and hold the gyroscope firmly in the other hand. Pull quite quickly. The gyroscope will be spinning ready to play with.

When start with string the gyroscope. Put one end of the string through the hole of the shaft of the gyroscope. Slowly rotate the shaft allowing the string to evenly wind onto it (keep string away from the end of the shaft). Hold the string in one hand and with the other hand, firmly hold the gyroscopes frame. Pull the string away from the gyroscope quite briskly. The gyroscope will start spinning.

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Ideal for ages 3+ suggested age 8+.
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