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New Book On Gyroscopes

Gyroscope book

Gyroscope book

Gyroscopes - An Introduction
for Students, Engineers and Pilots

This book was written as a response to a lack of publications offering easily understandable information on gyroscopes. This book aims to fill the gap between dictionary definitions and the all too often highly mathematical books on gyroscopes. With the aid of illustrations you will be shown the principles of gyroscopes including precession and nutation, where and how gyroscopes are used, practical mathematical examples and some of the history of gyroscopes. It will also dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings associated with gyroscopes and discuss the taboo subject of gyroscopic propulsion. Many students will not have come across a gyroscope before and the initial concepts can seem daunting. This book will try to guide you through this process and give you a good foundation.

Who is the book for ? This book will be useful for trainee pilots becoming accustomed to gyroscopes. Physics teachers and students looking for teaching material on gyroscopes, nutation and precession. Engineers wanting to calculate basic gyroscopic forces will be able to use the book as a reference, practical examples and illustrations will guide you through this process.

The book contains :
  • Quick reference section
  • Who’s who
  • History timeline
  • Index
  • Question and answer section

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Ideal for ages 11+.
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