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Light Up Gyroscope

Light Up Gyroscope with stand and supplied string

Light up gyroscope in dark balancing from strong                        Light up gyroscope on stand      Light up gyroscope on stand     
Light up gyroscope on stand      Light up gyroscope in its box     

This toy gyroscope has a mesmerising light show when spun up with the supplied pull string. The gyroscope is a good size and weight for a toy gyroscope, the spin times are also good. The frame is made from plastic and metal. It certainly isn't the cheapest but this is reflected in the build quality. Batteries are built in the the clear disk. Batteries, string, box and pedestal are all supplied.

  • Mesmerising light show
  • Robust toy gyroscope
  • The disk diameter is 68.6 mm (2.7inch)
  • Lighting System uses 5 LEDs
  • Run on type LR44 batteries (included)
  • Frame colour comes in white or silver, LEDs come in blue or red
  • Colours cannot be chosen at the time of purchase
  • Comes with free pull string
  • Clear plastic storage case included
  • Supply with a pedestal to balance the gyroscope on

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Ideal for ages 6+.
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