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Powerball Hybrid Autostart Pro


METAL HYBRID – The Powerball Gyroscope Hybrid Autostart encompasses a solid, heavyweight zinc rotor inside a smoked-black, military-grade polycarbonate shell, Hybrid successfully combines the classic appearance a standard Powerball with all the power of a Metal Series model.

AUTOSTART – Fitted with an autostart mechanism for quick activation and fuss-free spinning every time. Simply wind back the rotor, release and spin to use the Powerball Gyroscope Hybrid Autostart No strings needed!

SPEED METER – Hybrid Pro includes a 4-mode battery-free speed counter for precisely monitoring your strength progress, endurance gains and highest spin speeds.

PURE STRENGTHENING – Hybrid can generate a massive 27kg in resistance and is built for pure strengthening. Feel the burn in your forearm and hand as you spin this powerful gyroscope and benefit from stronger arms and a more advanced grip.

  • Speeds of upto 22,000rpm
  • Built in batteryless speedometer/counter
  • Onboard counter with multiple programme functions
  • Auto off feature
  • Battery free design
  • Autostart feature (no more starting with string)
  • Ultra-Grip™ Silicone Band
  • Generates 27kg of force
  • Drop resistant design
  • Great for sports training
  • A revolution for injury prevention, rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Improve your wrist/arm/grip for sports

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Ideal for ages 14+.
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